14 People Controls the Whole Internet with 7 Smart Keys !!!

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This may seem very funny but its true that 14 people controls the whole Internet with 7 smart keys. These people are highly trusted staffs of the organization Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is responsible for the coordination of the global Internet’s systems of unique identifiers and also ensuring its stability and security which includes coordination of the Internet Protocol address spaces IPv4 and IPv6 and assignment of address blocks to regional Internet registries, for maintaining registries of Internet protocol identifiers and for the management of the top-level domain name space which includes the operation of root name servers.

For instance, type into your browser and you’ll be taken to the world’s best social network “Facebook”. But www.facebook.com is easier for people to remember. ICANN maps the numbers which is easier for computers to use with words which is easier for humans to use.

If somebody were to achieve management of ICANN’s info that person would rule the web. for example, the person might send folks to faux bank websites rather than real bank websites and hack in people’s bank account details and gain full access of all transactions which is dangerous.

On the opposite hand, if a catastrophe happened, the ICANN info may need to be remodeled. therefore ICANN came up with the way to try and do that while not entrusting an excessive amount of management to a specific person but instead it selected seven folks to be key holders Associates and gave every one an actual key to the Internet. It selected seven more folks to be backup keyholders which made it fourteen folks in total.

The physical keys unlock safety deposit boxes stashed round the world. Within those boxes are sensible keycards. place the seven smartcards along and that will form the “Master key.” The master is absolutely some code, a parole of types, which will access the ICANN database.

4 times a year since 2010 the 7 keyholders meet for the key ceremony wherever they generate a replacement master, i.e. a replacement parole.The security to be admitted to the ceremony is intense, Ball reports, and involves passing through a series of fastened doors mistreatment key codes and hand scanners, till coming into an area therefore secure that no electronic communications will escape it.

The cluster conducts the ritual, then each person files out of the room one by one, and then they all head to a restaurant and party.

Is it not Mind Blowing ! Definitely it is !!!

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